Sponge Mattresses   Sponge mattress of super pressure support for the spine and two layers of memory foam Which gives a feeling of comfort and a layer of non-woven  insulation fabric to protect against mildew And fungi and a polyester layer wrapped in a luxurious, soft and comfortable cotton cloth           Mattress

Arabic Seating

Arab sessions are designed and manufactured in many models and shapes with the latest cutting machines to give the required accuracy and aesthetics in proportion to the customer’s taste and need

Cleaning Sponge

  Kitchen sponges for cleaning and washing utensils and cleaning bathrooms It produces many different shapes and packs           Sea Sponge So this type of sponge is characterized by open holes inside . It seems similar to natural ponge and is used for cleaning and bathing and has multiple chapes and

Sound Insulation and Packaging Foam

  A sponge that is cut in a certain way helps to dissipate and break sound waves, making it suitable for recording studios and suitable for protecting various products for its ability to absorb shocks           A sponge that is cut in a certain way helps to dissipate and break sound

Upholstery Sponge

  Sponge rolls Different types and densities and multiple lengths are made according to the customer’s need and desire and according to the purpose of use where it is generally used in the manufacture of spring mattresses and insulation       Sponge boards different sizes and thicknesses starting from 3 mm thickness Used in


Comfortable and medical pillow for sleeping made of memory foam With a luxurious soft touch cotton cover           A pillow for sleeping from high pressure sponge, cut in a way Comfortable for the neck and healthy      

Foam Types

Dunlop sponge HR This type of sponge is characterized by high density and super elasticity will be used in the areas of upholstery of furniture and also an important component in mattresses to give the mattress flexibility and comfort     It is characterized as a high-hardness sponge used in the manufacture of sponge mattresses,

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